Fraternal Benefits


Jimmy Yamauchi, Fraternal Benefits Each council has an officer assigned as the Fraternal Benefits coordinator. Currently, that office is filled by Jimmy Yamauchi. Complete the following form and the Fraternal Benefits coordinator will contact you to answer your questions.

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Fraternal Benefits

Still have just group insurance?

As a Knights of Columbus field agent, I’m often told I don’t need insurance – I am insured by my employer. If you have it, it’s certainly not a bad thing, but it can be a misleading security blanket. Most times, the amount offered is far from what you need, and the only way to determine what you need is with a comprehensive needs analysis. Your group coverage is not based on any analysis. Instead, they apply a formula: you make ...

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Why We Offer Insurance

Before you think about how you and your family would use life insurance, how your council members can benefit from our insurance program, or what products and options you would need, there’s a more basic question that needs to be answered: Why do the Knights of Columbus care about life insurance? The answer is simple: Providing financial protection for Catholic families has been at the core of our mission since the beginning. Two Problems, One Solution The drive to offer financial protection ...

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Caring for Our Own

Protect Your Family With Knights of Columbus Insurance Caring for Our Own Because the Knights of Columbus isn’t just another insurance company, you are more to us than customers, current or potential, who are valued only for the products you purchase. Father McGivney founded the Knights 134 years ago so that we could help each other, and so we offer unique products and services out of concern for the well-being of both you and your family. That’s the Knights of Columbus difference. For starters, we ...

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Update Your Beneficiaries

Sometimes it is easy to overlook the simplest of things. Take the beneficiaries on your life insurance policies. If your policy was applied for and issued several years ago, it could very well be that the person you originally selected as the beneficiary is no longer the person you would want to receive the policy proceeds. If you bought the policy when you were single, for example, you may have named your parents as beneficiaries. If you have since married that ...

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Our guarantees set us apart

Knights of Columbus life insurance offers something precious few other financial products guarantees. As long as you pay your premiums, the policy proceeds will be there for your beneficiaries should something happen to you. We call that peace of mind, and that’s what we offer with our Shield for Life.   ➢ We guarantee the cash value in your whole life policies will be there. ➢ We guarantee the rates on your term insurance. ➢ We guarantee our retirement products will provide a stream of income when you need ...

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“Live On” or “Leave On” Money

As your working life progresses, your priorities will likely shift. Many major life events (weddings, births, education costs for children, etc.) are probably behind you. Your focused shifts to those “golden” retired years when you can enjoy your hobbies, grandchildren, travel or simply relaxing at home.  As a field agent, I’ve had members ask me what they should do with a sum of money they are looking to “dump” somewhere for safe keeping. First, I tell them that there is no ...

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Knights Surpass $100B Insurance in Force

The Knights of Columbus surpassed $100 billion of life insurance in force this week, marking an important milestone in the Catholic fraternal benefit society’s mission to protect the future of Catholic families. This milestone was achieved despite continuing adverse conditions affecting the insurance industry. Established in 1882 by a young Catholic priest, the organization — which offers its line of top-rated products exclusively to its members and their eligible family members — manages $21 billion in assets and ranks 939 on the ...

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Do you have coverage?

Did you know that about 50% of households in the United States and Canada have no individually owned life insurance? The statistics for why people have not availed themselves of life insurance coverage are pretty clear, and they really don’t change from survey to survey. First, let’s look at the survey results (provided by the Life Insurance Marketing Research Association in 2010). Why people don’t buy life insurance: • 74% list “can’t afford the coverage” as a major reason they don’t buy. • 52% say ...

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Term Life Insurance – Affordable protection for temporary needs

Sometimes financial obligations are temporary, and that’s where term insurance brings the most value. Like permanent insurance, term insurance provides a death benefit to beneficiaries, but only within the specific time period. Maybe you have a 30-year mortgage. Maybe you have 10 years left until retirement. Maybe you have two children who are about to go through college. In time, the mortgage will be paid off, retirement will arrive at last and the kids will finish college. Once those days come, ...

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Father Michael J. McGivney

On March 29, 1882 the state of Connecticut formally recognized the Knights of Columbus with a charter:  “To render financial aid to its members and the beneficiaries of members” Father McGivney was motivated to serve and strengthen Catholic families, by protecting their financial well-being. The insurance program is – and has always been – at the core of the Knights of Columbus and is a powerful financial engine that support much of the good work by the Knights. In mid-August of 1890 – ...

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Permanent Life Insurance – Insure your life for life

Permanent Life Insurance is our signature product. Why? It provides guaranteed protection for your loved ones. And while you’re still alive, it builds cash value. It’s a great solution for many basic needs, such as final expenses, income replacement and debt protection. It can also serve specialized purposes, such as estate planning and charitable giving. Whatever the planned use, permanent life insurance is reliable. It will be there when you won’t be, regardless of when that happens. Put simply: • As long as ...

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Advantages of Life Insurance - For Your Child

As parents, we naturally want what is best for our children … from creating a safe environment, to the foods they eat, the schools they attend and the activities they are involved in. Having a life insurance policy on your child is another opportunity to create an advantage for them and their future: • Guaranteed Future Insurability – In the unfortunate event that your child develops a medical condition, he or she would not be forced to pay higher premiums or become uninsurable in the ...

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Another way we protect spouses and children

As a member of this council, you know how important spouses can be to the charitable works of the Order. If you’re married, your wife is probably involved in a few of the many events that happen each fraternal year. This support adds great value and impact to what a council can achieve.  When the Order was founded in 1882, Father Michael J. McGivney and the other brave men were setting out to protect Catholic families, but especially wives and children. ...

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Permanent life insurance vs Term life insurance

Studies have shown that life insurance is often a misunderstood product. Worse still, people are unsure where to find information on these products or are afraid to ask. As a member of this Order, you have access to me, a full-time professional life insurance agent. A large part of my role as field agent is to answer your questions and help make sure you and your family are protected.  To start, I want to give some basic information on life insurance. ...

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Investing in Your Future – Safeguarding Your Retirement

You may be dreaming of retirement and enjoying your golden years financially safe and secure. But have you planned for the likelihood that you could live well beyond retirement age – and -possibly outlive your hard-earned savings? The beauty of our annuity products lies squarely in their simplicity and security.  Simple from the standpoint that they’re fixed in nature. They provide long-term accumulation of wealth, specifically designed for retirement needs. There are no hidden management fees or annual charges (Surrender charges may ...

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What Happens If You Live

Thanks to marvelous innovations in medical technology, and advances in living and working conditions, many of us will enjoy long, prosperous lives. With average life expectancies on the rise, there’s a lot to be grateful for and look forward to. But living longer also comes with added responsibilities that we must take seriously. Typically, when thinking about insurance products, we think about “what ifs”. For life insurance, we think: what if we die. For auto insurance, we think: what if we ...

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$100 BILLION: A Milestone in Protection

To our members, it should be a point of pride that we have surpassed a $100 billion of life insurance in force, an important milestone in the Catholic fraternal benefit society’s mission to protect the future of Catholic families.

Our Knights of Columbus Insurance Program, is in a class by itself. For the 40th consecutive year our fraternal organization earned A.M. Best’s highest rating of A++ (Superior). This rating is reserved only for a select number of companies that have “a superior ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations.” 

We have also received the World’s Most ETHICAL Companies Award in 2014, 2015, and 2016 from the Ethisphere Institute. Moreover our assets are carefully invested only in holdings that do not violate the tenets of our Catholic Faith.

I would like to encourage members who have yet to take advantage of KofC’s Fraternal Benefits to meet with me for an introduction and brief overview of our Life Insurance, Long Term Care, Disability, and Annuity Products.

Every day, Knights all over the world are given opportunities to make a difference – whether through supporting vocations, community service, fund raising or prayer. We celebrate each and every Knight for his strength, compassion and dedication to building a better world.

As your Field Agent – I am blessed with the opportunity to serve you and look forward to meeting you and your families.

Vivat Jesus!

Jimmy Yamauchi

Field Agent – Past District Deputy

(360) 348-6686

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