Advantages of Life Insurance – For Your Child

As parents, we naturally want what is best for our children … from creating a safe environment, to the foods they eat, the schools they attend and the activities they are involved in.

Having a life insurance policy on your child is another opportunity to create an advantage for them and their future:

• Guaranteed Future Insurability – In the unfortunate event that your child develops a medical condition, he or she would not be forced to pay higher premiums or become uninsurable in the future.

• Guaranteed Policy Option – At ages 17, 25, 28, 31, 34, 37 and 40 provide seven opportunities to purchase identical polices at the rated age without underwriting (medical exams).

• Lock In Lower Premiums – Buying a permanent policy on your child allows you to buy more coverage at a much lower cost and keep the same premium for life.

• Start Them On The Path To Saving – A permanent life insurance policy includes a saving element that builds accessible cash value over time. Protection plus cash that can be borrowed for any purpose.

• Show The Importance – By having life insurance on your child, you are showing him or her the importance of taking care of loved ones.

• Help Plan For The Future – Someday your child is going to off to college, buy a car, get married and buy a home. All of these will involve some debt.  A life insurance policy will help secure a loan with a bank.

I can help you design the life insurance plan that best fits your goals, your lifestyle and your budget. To learn more contact me.


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