Disability Income Insurance – Receive an Income Even When You ​Can’t Work

Many people receive disability coverage from their employer, yet they don’t know too much about the particulars. Is it short-term disability? Is it long-term disability? Is it both? Does it cover your entire salary? Or only part? How much?

Have you ever thought about what might happen to you and your family if you became disabled and couldn’t work? No matter how careful you are about setting aside a portion of your income for emergencies, it’s difficult to know what might happen to your financial situation if you suddenly became sick or injured. Following a disability, many people have to cope with a loss of income, the possible loss of health insurance and potentially high medical bills.

You take on the financial responsibility of insuring your most valuable assets. You insure your home and contents to protect against fire and theft. You insure your automobile from the financial impact of driving-related damages or injuries? Do you insure your income?

Your income is probably your most important financial asset – one that makes owning your own home and car possible. But have you considered that your income also determines your current standard of living and provides for your long-term financial goals? Unfortunately, it’s all at risk should you suffer a disability, and disability is much more common than you might think.

Consider the following:

• In the last 10 minutes, 948 Americans became disabled.
• Over 51 million Americans are classified as disabled, representing 18% of the population.
• Three in 10 workers entering the workforce today will become disabled before retiring.
• Most employer disability coverage covers injuries while on the job.  This represents a very small percentage of injuries. Majority causes for disability are a result of accidents off the job and health related disability.

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