Permanent Life Insurance – Insure your life for life

Permanent Life Insurance is our signature product. Why? It provides guaranteed protection for your loved ones. And while you’re still alive, it builds cash value. It’s a great solution for many basic needs, such as final expenses, income replacement and debt protection. It can also serve specialized purposes, such as estate planning and charitable giving.

Whatever the planned use, permanent life insurance is reliable. It will be there when you won’t be, regardless of when that happens. Put simply:

• As long as you have paid your premiums, upon your death, your beneficiaries will receive the guaranteed death benefit (if not more) that you established for them – TAX FREE.

A whole life policy can act as a buffer against estate taxes and probate costs, and provides a death benefit along with a living cash benefit, a feature unique to whole life. In addition, a whole life policy allows someone at the time of retirement to remain insured while spending the other assets they’ve accumulated or pursuing a more aggressive strategy for those assets. 

I would be very pleased to meet with you at your convenience to discuss how our Knights of Columbus Permanent Life Insurance can be structured to meet your concerns, needs and goals.


Jimmy Yamauchi – FDD

KofC Field Agent

(360) 348-6686